The construction company DOM-A has been building turnkey wooden houses since 1992. Over the years of successful work, we have accumulated extensive experience in the field of wooden housing construction and are one of the confident market leaders.

The company has its own production halls and is ready to deliver the house in various configurations to anywhere. The final stage of the chain - the erection of houses - the favorite work of the masters "DOM-A", along with the function of the general contractor. That is, by signing a contract with the company, you are guaranteed to get what you want - a reliable house of your dreams, built with strict observance of the norms and rules established in civil construction. And, in fact, why only the house? And an excellent Russian bath, and a capital garage, and all the work - from the development of the site for construction to landscape design.

  • 25 years in construction business
  • Own production capacities
  • Total quality control
  • Full staff of graduates and skilled workers
  • Simply put - we are building! We build reliably, strictly observing all norms and rules established in civil construction.