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Specializes in the design, manufacture and construction of wooden houses from glued bars

"Our company specializes in the construction of individual houses from glued profiled bars in the Far East of Russia."

In the company "DOM-A" full staff of graduates and skilled workers. The main thing is that we fulfill the functions of the general contractor. This means that in order to build your home, you only need to conclude one contract, an agreement with us: "General contract for the construction of the house." Also, our specialists will render all necessary assistance and consultations at the design stage.

We strive to provide our Customers with the maximum opportunities and variety of approaches to solving various problems. Therefore, we offer not only complex solutions, but also individual partial works. For example, owning production workshops, "DOM-A" is ready to make and deliver in any part of Russia in various configurations a house frame, providing you with the opportunity to perform construction work yourself, and if necessary, providing supervisory supervision. What can be claimed for a variety of reasons. In addition to the construction of residential buildings, we build everything that you might need:

  • baths;
  • garages;
  • administrative and commercial buildings;
  • campings;
  • tourist bases and much more.

Glued bar - centuries-old traditions today for our descendants

Glued profiled bar - this is the material that is becoming an increasingly relevant building material among wood materials. Why? The technology of its manufacture was developed by the Finns. In many respects, the glued beam gives "one hundred steps forward" to the whole wood (ie the log) - this is a higher surface quality and stability of geometric dimensions, and no shrinkage, and protection by special solutions, and the strength of the final structure without warping and cracking. And it is especially pleasant that the use of glued beams reduces the construction time, as it has all the necessary precise technological cut-outs made in the factory, which ensures a high speed of assembly. In addition, the house of glued beams does not require piercing, additional finishing of walls, nails, glue, special appliances, heavy equipment and is erected at any time of the year in a short time.

Advantages of houses made of glued profiled bar

  • In the building made of a wooden glued beam, a favorable microclimate is formed,
  • House of a wooden glued beam is being built on a tight schedule,
  • Glued beam is slightly susceptible to deformation,
  • The building is distinguished by its stability, strength, strict geometry of forms,
  • The house made of glued beam does not require obligatory finishing (both external and internal),
  • When building houses from glued beams, there are ample opportunities for individual design.

A house that is made wisely

The house made from glued beams, built by DOM-A, will be good in any case, whether it's a budget building or a vip-class mansion. Here it is impossible not to say that we care about our customers in advance. This is indicated, firstly, by the delivery kit, which, in addition to the cut-off wall beam, includes fastening material, lags and rafters, rough and fine covering of floors and ceilings, thermal insulation material, waterproofing, protective impregnation, varnish coating, roofing, interior and entrance doors, window frames. Secondly, based on your ideas and preferences, the specialists of our company will develop a draft project, based on which the preliminary estimate of costs will be calculated. From the very beginning you will have an idea of ​​the forthcoming costs. The company "DOM-A" offers ready-made projects, but in fact it turns out that each house becomes a unique creation. Due to high professionalism and exact observance of technology, the erected house will have an attractive appearance and provide all-round comfort to its owners.